Friday, March 21, 2008

Moose in CT!

Cars came to a screeching halt as this full sized Moose came into view. Made entirely from recycled truck, bus, and car parts, he was one of the highlights of the Sculpture show last year. Six foot tall sunflowers created from John Deere tractor parts also graced the property.


Matt said...

Well, first off, thank you for the comment!

Secondly, is this moose really made from nothing but recylced automobile parts?

Beverly Kaye said...

Yes, the moose is made up entirely of used car and truck parts. The back of the artist's property is filled with old cars, trucks, and even a decrepid bus tucked into the woods. All fodder for future creations.

Matt said...

Heh. I guess the saying is true:
"One mans trash, is another mans treasure."