Thursday, January 22, 2009

Recycled Metal Sculpture, Outsider Art

This is a large sculpture, under production, by one of the most gifted artists in CT. It's made entirely from recycled metal automotive parts, and a third side, which will complete the triangle, will wrap around the edges using a compass for a theme. Joe DeMarco also created the life-sized moose and horse which were posted earlier in the life of this blog, and his work never ceases to amaze. His property is filled with old trucks, cars and busses which, along with treasures unearthed in junk yards, serve as fodder for his art. This gallery owns a large work, similar to this piece, and it was placed at the front of the property as a sort of gift to the neighborhood. Everyone under ten loved it, the adult's were a little more reserved! Several unknown someone's, immune to the joys of art, came one night with a truck and a chain (the work called "Collection" weighs at least half a ton) and they dragged it down, along with several basketball hoops, set up by neighbors for their kids. Makes you wonder what's going through some people's heads! It took a month to right the sculpture and move it about 60 feet back from the road, so as not to tempt the idiots who tried to destroy it.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Outsider Artist, Paul Pitt's Masterpiece

"Barn Raising at the Yellow Farmhouse" is a masterful painting by Paul Pitt, which caught the eye of the creative people at Newman's Own. Paul Newman and his longtime partner and friend A.E Hotchner started this communitarian business because of their love of food and their charitable committment to their community. Newman was highly regarded for his famous CT "Whole in the Wall Gang" camp for kids dealing with cancer. When an magazine article about their business was published, Paul Pitt's canvas depicting folks in the Shaker community helping each other was a perfect choice to grace the cover. This stunning painting, reminiscent of the work of Grandma Moses, is now available for sale. Check an earlier post for museums that own his work, and check out my website here for more information and more paintings.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Collage by Kathy Carvellas.....self-taught artist

Look what I found! Kathy Carvellas is a self-taught artist from Pasadena California, who started experimenting with clip art in 2004. She evolved into creating original works utilizing both collage and assemblage, and has shown her works to great acclaim. Recently, two of her pieces were part of a silent auction to benefit Doctor's Without Borders. Kathy previously studied Marine Biology, and she has performed successfully as an actress. This is definitely someone to watch!