Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Alexandra Huber in DC

At the Folk Art Society of America conference in Washington, DC,  dealers will be bringing works of Folk and Outsider Art to augment the festivities. This year I will have over 40 examples of the "smalls" by Alexandra Huber. A new book of her art called "Guidance to Be"  by H. Dietrich has just been published and she currently has a one woman show in Berlin. If there is an interest, I will also try to bring a few of Anthony Guyther's "Symbolist Collages", many of which are illustrated in the book by the same name.  His work can be seen at
I hope to see many of you there. Bette-Carol Sellen has helped to plan a terrific tour of both private and public collections, including her own, and I cannot wait to see them. This will be a real treat.

Daniel Pearson.... Outsider artist

After being shut-in due to a traumatic spinal injury, Daniel Pearson began to find his voice in paint. He makes use of both house paint and acrylics and his figural pieces, done in  a brilliant color pallet,  caught my eye. He falls into the outsider category, and this self-taught painter has  the beginnings of a terrific portfolio. Here are my favorite three paintings. I'd love to know what you think!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Karl Mckoy, street artist extraordinaire

Every year I look forward to seeing my pal Karl Mckoy outside of the Outsider Art Fair. He's one of a number of self-taught street artists who display their works in the bitter January cold. His collage faces, utilizing shoelaces, metal, string, paint, and God knows what, are intriguing to say the least. Lucky collectors, when they return to homes or hotels, are rewarded with seeing the brilliant colors, and the wonderful prose of the titles written on the back. This first purchase of mine says, "If what their saying  is true and God is a woman, I've got some questions for her." Last night on the phone I discovered that Karl is also an avid gardener. I should not be surprised. This lovely man makes art wherever he goes.