Friday, August 28, 2009

"To The Marrow," a deep look inside

This collage by Kathy Carvellas started out as "Spinal Tap", but work progresses and changes along the way and the final piece, along with it's new title are now complete. In the artist's words, "I just finished the first of the three pieces I've been working on. "To the Marrow" is all about the deep connection between the mind and the body. Between our deepest memories and the tiniest cells in our bodies. No matter how aware or unaware we may be of those connections, they effect us each and everyday. For better or worse. Thank God we have the capacity to tap into these connections and receive healing and release in the places we need them!!" Many artist's are able to achieve healing through their work, and we are the benefactors of their labor.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lori Field, self-taught art with a fine art feel

Lori Field's work is smart, seductive and beautiful. A combination of drawing, collage, bee's wax and encaustic materials transforms intelligent thought into alluring art. Lori's images are bits of human elements morphed with flora and fauna, with exotic results.
To quote the artist, "Animals lack self-consciousness or artifice, so the animal-like figures provide a means for emotive personification, characterizing or exhibiting human motives and foibles. The external traits of the animal/human figures suggest internal ones. As my shape-shifting creatures morph, are they 'becoming-animal' or 'becoming-human'? Which transformation would leave them better off? These human/animal archetypes - a cast of recurring characters - create intuitive narratives that explore themes of loss, rebirth, identity, denial, alienation, loneliness......and human vulnerability." See, I told you she was smart! The above examples are courtesy of the artist.