Sunday, December 7, 2008

Outsider art inside the Gallery (designed by owner)

I'm a private dealer in Outsider and Artbrut Art at Beverly Kaye Gallery and have over 400 images and supporting text on-line. The actual gallery is in rural Woodbridge, CT, six miles up the road from Yale, and is open by appointment. The gallery, an extension to my home, took two maddening years from my initial drawings to completion. Here's a peek at one of the walls supporting my interest in American Indian pottery, basketry and sculpture. The pieces I have chosen to represent are top examples from each of my artists, all of whom have been placed in private as well as museum collections. During the year I deal mainly with works on paper, canvas and board, but in June I hold the annual Sculpture in the Garden show which dresses the property in a dazzling display of recycled metal, stone, and wood, transformed into giant sunflowers, dancers, musicians, horses, robots, dragonflies, muffler men and garden whimsies.
The gallery has been awarded as a Forbes Magazine "Best of the Web", and "Incredible Art Site of the Week" for months running!
The black floors still look stunning after 6 years, probably because I kick off my shoes the minute I enter the door! If you click on the image the photo gets larger and easier to peruse.

Frank Bentley, English Outsider Artist

Years ago, I was introduced to the lovely and delicate works of Frank Bentley. Often his point of view was overhead, looking down on romantic little fishing villages and coves filled with small boats and even smaller people. "Fingals Island" was always a favorite. Other paintings of Bentley's were charming pieces equally welcomed in a nursery as a foyer, and "Three Goldfish in a Jam Jar" and "Green Cat with Green Fish" are two that come to mind. So whimsical and appealing. I wish they were mine, so I share them with you.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Outsider collector goes trail

With my new Garmin Nuvi in hand, or I should say, on dash, I'm heading out to participate in an exciting Art Trail this weekend.
A few of my favorite artists are participating, and this is a great way to visit them, see their new work, and enjoy some of the most fascinating homes and studios in CT. My first stop will the magnificent home of Leslie Giuliani in Weston. Art is in the blood of this woman who works in too many disciplines to mention them all. She's a fabulous cook and baker, and her charcoal drawings, look under the New Artists button at Beverly Kaye Gallery and her encaustics and woven works boggle the mind. Here is a stool she created that I truly covet. Her mother has designed rugs with primitive art themes that have to be seen to be believed.
Dalton Ghetti, who actually fashions microscopic art out of the lead of a pencil, and Frances Palmer, one of my all time favorite potters will also be on the trail. You'll see handmade silver and gold jewelry, collage, paintings, knitted garments, etchings, woodcuts, and much more. These are top quality artisans and this is quite an event.
If you go, start at 3 Burr Farms Road in Westport and maps will be available for the rest of the trail. You can also go to and download a map. See you on the road!