Friday, March 21, 2008

German self-taught artist, Alexandra Huber

Evoking DuBuffet's childlike paintings, Huber's work has been a huge attraction at the Outsider Art Fair in NY, as well as at various Museum venues in Europe. We offer over 50 miniature mixed media works on paper (6" x 6"), as well as larger examples. The museum catalogues of her shows are also available on-line at


Ian Pyper said...

Hi Beverly,

I'm continually in awe of Alexandra's art and the sheer vivacity of each piece of work, particularly the small work.

Each one is a shining little gem.

Best wishes,

Ian Pyper

Beverly Kaye said...

Hi Ian:
Coming from such a fine painter as yourself,
I deeply appreciate your comment about Alexandra's small works. It is amazing how she can pack such power and message in such a confined area.
I hope visitors here will go to your brilliant website and revel in all the magic you have created. You are such an original voice!
Warm regards,