Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sculpture in the Garden show......

This year the Sculpture in the Garden show will be Saturday and Sunday, June 7th and 8th, and will be held on  Lorraine Drive in Woodbridge, CT.  Children are always welcomed. The photo of the life sized horse sculpture, by Joe DeMarco which was sold  last year, gives you an idea of what amazing works show up for this special weekend. Be sure to put it on your schedule. It will be advertised internationally in the summer issue of Raw Vision Magazine. 


Communiteez said...

my lil' pony is HOTT!

what is this sculpture made out of ?

Sandy Mastroni said...

Beverly .... your sculpture in the garden show WAS amazing last year,so
I am looking forward to it this year !
SO SO happy you have a blog besides your wonderful website.
I included your blog spot and gallery website on my blog link listings .

Beverly Kaye said...

Thank you both for your great compliments.

The pony was made of recycled car and truck parts and his mane was some type of spun metal. He now sits in a field along a country road, and looks spectacular.

whisperingangel said...

Thank you Beverly for contacting me.
The sculpture show sounds wonderful, and I hope you will allow me to present some of my sculpture this year. I am creating more as we blog
as well. I know Joe Demarco, the artist who made the horse, and he is a wonderful artist and person as well. Supporting self taught artist is a blessing for us for sure.
Hope to hear from you soon.