Saturday, June 27, 2009

Kent, redux, so richly deserved!

I'm quoting from this article about William Kent, once more, because I do not want to be one of those people who knew about, and in fact collected his work, and never helped to get the word out.
Wood Be Master
By Alan Bisbort
The smell of wood resin and wood dust precedes William Kent's barn in Durham, Connecticut by about 100 yards. As you make the final turn on serpentine Howd Road—after passing cow pastures, woodlands, vine-choked ponds and creeping suburbia—Kent's lime-green door appears, a visual beacon that most people simply speed past.

Why shouldn't they? They have no way of knowing that inside lives and toils one of the world's master artists. Private by nature, the solitary William Kent once preferred it that way. But now, having turned 82, Kent is beginning to wonder why the larger world—meaning the major institutions dedicated to art and culture—have not beaten a path to his door. This is not just some idle pipe dream of a hobbyist or second-rate talent but a valid complaint from a forgotten master. William Kent, according to an art critic cited in a New York Times article about him, is "the world's greatest living carver of wood. There's not even anyone close."
Read the rest, you will Never forgive yourself if you don't! And run to Kehller Liddel Gallery for this show.......
Bob Falcetti is the remarkable photographer who captured Bill and his work so beautifully!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Strong at 90, William Kent

"William Kent? He is a printer and sculpture- currently 90 yrs of age and still working from his Durham CT studio home. He is known in CT from group shows in the past decade and being aquired by some of the major museums - Lyman Allen, Yale, a few prominent galleries and many private collectors. Considered something of a CT treasure......" These are the words of Linda Hali Zucker, Gallery Coordinator at Kehler Liddell Gallery in New Haven CT. Luckily for area residents the political prints made from chiseled slate and the huge wood carvings made over a lifetime, are on display at the above mentioned gallery through August. This is a must see show. An artist highly influenced by music and the times, which is evident in his totally unique style. I treasure the pieces of his work I am fortunate enough to own.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Outsider art at my door!

After a long and delicious visit with my kids and grandkids in the Boston area, I came home to a mysterious package waiting for me at the back door. The return address was for an artist I knew from the internet, Dirk Dahl. I have posted some of his truly amazing sculptures of Jazz greats on this blog, but the package was a complete puzzle. When I finally got both suitcase and package inside the house, and turned off the alarms, I opened the box. Stunned is not a word I use often, but I was completely stunned. Inside was a magical African figure loaded with so much Mojo that I could hear the music. Eyes askance, head dress loaded with amber glass marbles, rope and mud, nail head necklace, mouth tiny and was beyond belief. It would be right at home in the African Art collection I just visited at the Yale University Art Galleries. An unexpected gift is always fun, but this.....this was beyond imagining. I am's that word again....stunned!
Dirk, thank you so much for allowing me to have such a remarkable piece of your work in my collection!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sculpture show hits the big time....

Click on title to see TV coverage of the sculpture show, or better yet, enjoy these photos taken by &ndrew at Urban Papers Art dot Blog Spot dot com.