Saturday, February 14, 2009

Outsider Artist Huber at Galerie Horst Dietrich

Galerie Horst Dietrich is showing Alexandra Huber a group show in Berlin this month. She will have a one-person-show starting in the beginning of March in the artfair in Karlsruhe. Seven of her previous catalogues will be available illustrating the fine work of this gifted artist who came to the art scene in 1993. Her works always remind me of Dubuffet, and sometimes Jean-Michel Basquiat, and with their child-like appearance, they always have an adult sensibility.
She works in mixed media, in both large and small scale, and more of her work can be seen


Erik Von Ploennies said...

She's definitely one of my favorites as well. I look forward to seeing her work every year at the Outsider Art Fair, but Wasserwerk Gallery wasn't present this year. Do you know if she has any upcoming exhibitions in the US?

p.s. I clicked on the link but it didn't seem to work.

Beverly Kaye said...

I do at least one show for her each year, and portfolios of her artwork are always available, both at my gallery in CT and on-line at the link above, which is now working! Thank you!