Thursday, January 22, 2009

Recycled Metal Sculpture, Outsider Art

This is a large sculpture, under production, by one of the most gifted artists in CT. It's made entirely from recycled metal automotive parts, and a third side, which will complete the triangle, will wrap around the edges using a compass for a theme. Joe DeMarco also created the life-sized moose and horse which were posted earlier in the life of this blog, and his work never ceases to amaze. His property is filled with old trucks, cars and busses which, along with treasures unearthed in junk yards, serve as fodder for his art. This gallery owns a large work, similar to this piece, and it was placed at the front of the property as a sort of gift to the neighborhood. Everyone under ten loved it, the adult's were a little more reserved! Several unknown someone's, immune to the joys of art, came one night with a truck and a chain (the work called "Collection" weighs at least half a ton) and they dragged it down, along with several basketball hoops, set up by neighbors for their kids. Makes you wonder what's going through some people's heads! It took a month to right the sculpture and move it about 60 feet back from the road, so as not to tempt the idiots who tried to destroy it.


Kate Carvellas said...

This is BEYOND cool!! I hope to have the tools and space to create this kind of work some day! I LOVE this!

Beverly Kaye said...

Come visit me someday, and see more of his work. I collect it as well as deal it, and have some stunning sculptures here.