Saturday, January 17, 2009

Outsider Artist, Paul Pitt's Masterpiece

"Barn Raising at the Yellow Farmhouse" is a masterful painting by Paul Pitt, which caught the eye of the creative people at Newman's Own. Paul Newman and his longtime partner and friend A.E Hotchner started this communitarian business because of their love of food and their charitable committment to their community. Newman was highly regarded for his famous CT "Whole in the Wall Gang" camp for kids dealing with cancer. When an magazine article about their business was published, Paul Pitt's canvas depicting folks in the Shaker community helping each other was a perfect choice to grace the cover. This stunning painting, reminiscent of the work of Grandma Moses, is now available for sale. Check an earlier post for museums that own his work, and check out my website here for more information and more paintings.

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