Monday, June 22, 2009

Outsider art at my door!

After a long and delicious visit with my kids and grandkids in the Boston area, I came home to a mysterious package waiting for me at the back door. The return address was for an artist I knew from the internet, Dirk Dahl. I have posted some of his truly amazing sculptures of Jazz greats on this blog, but the package was a complete puzzle. When I finally got both suitcase and package inside the house, and turned off the alarms, I opened the box. Stunned is not a word I use often, but I was completely stunned. Inside was a magical African figure loaded with so much Mojo that I could hear the music. Eyes askance, head dress loaded with amber glass marbles, rope and mud, nail head necklace, mouth tiny and was beyond belief. It would be right at home in the African Art collection I just visited at the Yale University Art Galleries. An unexpected gift is always fun, but this.....this was beyond imagining. I am's that word again....stunned!
Dirk, thank you so much for allowing me to have such a remarkable piece of your work in my collection!


Anonymous said...

Hi Bev
I just made another blog for George. I will post your link.

Kate Carvellas said...

OMGosh Beverly! I got chills reading this post!! Yeah..stunned, amazed, speechless at such an amazing gift!! SOOOOO happy for you!!!