Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Strong at 90, William Kent

"William Kent? He is a printer and sculpture- currently 90 yrs of age and still working from his Durham CT studio home. He is known in CT from group shows in the past decade and being aquired by some of the major museums - Lyman Allen, Yale, a few prominent galleries and many private collectors. Considered something of a CT treasure......" These are the words of Linda Hali Zucker, Gallery Coordinator at Kehler Liddell Gallery in New Haven CT. Luckily for area residents the political prints made from chiseled slate and the huge wood carvings made over a lifetime, are on display at the above mentioned gallery through August. This is a must see show. An artist highly influenced by music and the times, which is evident in his totally unique style. I treasure the pieces of his work I am fortunate enough to own.


Kate Carvellas said...

So amazing! Someday...I'm gonna come visit you and your marvelous gallery/studio!!

Beverly Kaye said...

There's always room for you here at at the inn!
Thank you for your's very satisfying to blog about art I love , and get positive feedback like yours.