Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Outsider no more

With each step President-elect Barack Obama walks, up the stairs of both Congress and the White House, steps literally made by slaves, he will be lifting off the tarnish of both the American dream and America's reputation. His presence will announce loud and clear that there is freedom in this great place. Freedom and choice for his children, my children, and our children's children. This is a joyous day for people of all colors, faiths and parties. Congratulations to America, to the Obamas and to the Bidens. Prepare for a steep climb and go in peace.

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angela recada said...

Only one more week!

I really love your blog and what you're doing - it is so inspirational.

In Wisconsin, we have our share of Outsider Artists, like the late Mary Nohl, and the wonderful artists represented at the Kohler Art Museum. I just love the vibrancy and life in these types of works.