Saturday, May 28, 2011

Laura James: Praying Out Loud

With an Antiguan heritage and a love of subject matter, both secular and religious, self-taught artist Laura James has made quite a splash in the art world. In the year 2000, she completed thirty four images commissioned by the Catholic Church for their new version of The Book of Gospels. Each of these inclusive and magnificent paintings, which were first on display at the Divinity School at Yale University in New Haven, CT, have been sold. So have all her works in a series called Nannies and Other Mothers.
A new body of work featuring goddesses, such as the revered Mami Wata, and guardian angels, has just been delivered to the gallery and will be here through July. This is a rare opportunity to see an entire body of Laura James' paintings, and her elegant presentation copy of The Book of Gospels will be on display during this show.


mutope said...

Beautiful work Laura. You're the Mam!

Unknown said...

YES,let's pray out loudly~~

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Beverly Kaye said...

This piece Nuit; The Night Goddess, has been chosen by the American Visionary Art museum in Baltimore for a year long exhibition! Congratulations to Laura!