Wednesday, January 20, 2010

From Intuit, a new and very important exhibition

The Treasure of Ulysses Davis

February 12, 2010 - May 15, 2010

Opening Reception: Friday, February 12, 5-8pm

The Treasure of Ulysses Davis debuted at the High Museum in Atlanta and traveled to the American Folk Art Museum in New York and the Menello Museum of Art in Florida, before arriving in Chicago. Organized by Susan Crawley of the High Museum of Art in collaboration with the King-Tisdell Cottage Foundation of Savannah, Georgia, this retrospective features about 109 pieces, including 78 from the King-Tisdell Cottage Foundation, which acquired most of Davis’s work after he died, fulfilling his desire to keep his corpus intact. The title comes from Davis’s explanation of why he disliked parting with his work: “They’re my treasure. If I sold these, I’d be really poor." The exhibition will increase public knowledge of and appreciation for the work of this much admired but rarely seen sculptor.


Kate Carvellas said...

Hi Beverly!

Beautiful sculpture! Do you know what type of wood (is that right?) that he worked with? Or was it different types?

Beverly Kaye said...

He used a variety of local woods, but this does appear as if it might be walnut with ash. Thankfully the work, although not widely owned in personal collections, is now in permanent museum collections.