Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Self-taught and Outa' Sight.....Gale Hart

Gale Hart is a Renaissance type of gal. She paints, she sculpts, she makes furniture of the edgiest kind. All this despite a real problem with dsylexia, which she has never let get her down. I would toss out everything I own and let her redesign all I have and use, were money no object. Not that her works are out of sight, price wise. To the contrary, they are very reasonably's the shipping of large crates of the stuff which would slow me down. If you're anywhere near Sacramento this weekend, go to A Bitchin' Space and see what I mean. Just don't tell me if you' ve bought anything......I'd be too envious to hear about it!


Kate Carvellas said...

Oh my gosh!! I am in love with her work!! Sacramento ehh....I might be able to convince another friend of mine to go for a road trip as I am currently without a car! Her work is seriously inspiring!!

Anonymous said...

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