Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Before he was Paul........

Connecticut artist, Paul Pitt is known for his folk art paintings of scenes from a gentler time, populated with up to 250 men, women, children and animals. And always there are two running boys, one Black and one White, one of whom is wearing the ever present red scarf. But searching through an old barn this week, Paul's first efforts were rediscovered. These vintage paintings, over 30 years old, are much different from the idyllic scenes for which Paul Pitt is well known. The earlier works have an appeal all to themselves so I've decided to share them with you. Tell me what you think!
A link in the title will bring you to Paul's work as it is recognized today. He is in many permanent museum collections and his work has been on the cover of quite a few magazines. The older works are now available for purchase.


Kate Carvellas said...

Beverly: Your blog almost makes me weep with joy! It's such an amazing place for discovery and inspiration! My knowledge of art is minuscule and your blog never ceases to enlighten and encourage me! Until today I had never heard of Paul Pitt! These newly discovered pieces are wonderful and I plan on "googling" him to see some of his better known pieces! I will never get tired of saying this..your blog is truly a gift to the artworld!!

Beverly Kaye said...

Thank you so much for your very generous comments! One place where Paul's work is shown is in the permanent collection of the Baron And Ellin Gordon Galleries at Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. One of his Church Weddings paintings is in that collection, but I don't know if their catalogue is on-line. Paul paints in a very meticulous way, and very slowly so there are only a few new works each year, but they all are gems.