Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sculpture in The Garden Show

Well, it's that time of year again. Artists show up with truly amazing sculptures made from recycled materials and turn my garden into a wonderland. Especially in this time of thrift, I'm so proud to welcome these talented folks who have made something out of nothing. Old car, truck and tractor parts and forsaken out of date machinery morph into robots, life sized horses, moose, sunflowers, dancers, musicians and birds and animals of all descriptions. It is so much fun, for me, for the artists, and for the hundreds of loyal followers who show up to my amazement each and every year. The biggest crowd I ever experienced was during a weekend of torrential rain. If you are in my area, please do come by......and children are most welcome. Merritt Parkway, exit 58 is only one and a half miles away. Or Whalley Ave. to Fountain St. to Ansonia Rd. to Lorraine Drive. Looking forward to spreading the joy!
Beverly Kaye Gallery
15 Lorraine Drive
Woodbridge, CT


Kate Carvellas said...

Oh I wish, wish, wish I lived close by! What a feast for the creative eye you've put together! I love each and every one of the images you've posted! So creative, so unique! I hope you have a fantastic turn out!!

Cathy C said...

Beverly, I am the executor of my parent's estate & am in the process of cleaning out the house. There is a bunch of old iron that my father collected over the years that would be great for an artist doing found art. Would any of your artists be interested? It is in Springfield Vt. We are going to sell it to a scrap yard but would be just as happy to sell it to an artist. You can contact me at Thanks!
Cathy C

Christina Viering said...

These are fun!