Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Owls, Jacks, Pixies and Fairies

Karl Mckoy is a wondrous artist as well as a master gardener! His owl begs for a child's wall, but would be savored for a lifetime. The next image reminds me of jack in the pulpit puppets in a storybook scene. He is a magician with both earth and paint and no one knows what will sprout next in the garden of this fertile mind. A favorite of the gallery. Please contact Beverlyskaye@aol with any inquiries about available works.


Kate Carvellas said...

Hi Bev!! Boy, you never cease to amaze me with the wonderful work you post on your blog! Mr. McKoy's work is unique and unsettling in a wonderful way! Thanks for sharing it!

Beverly Kaye said...

I agree with you completely. He's a complex and sweet man and his works reflect both him and his strong connection with nature. Thank you for your continued interest in these artists. It's a select few who share this passion of mine.

KeRobinson said...

I love Karl McKoy's works! I see them in a very upscale, sophisticated setting! Conversation pieces to say the least! BTW, Love,Love Love all the artwork here! Fantastic Collection, WHOOOOHOOOO! :)