Monday, April 14, 2008

Exceptional Italian Artist........

Once in a while I get to see a new oil on canvas by Italian artist Guido Vedovato. His work is charming, lyrical and beautifully painted. A master with color, form and content, each piece stands out as fresh and original. His style is always recognizable, a true test for a fine artist, even a self-taught fine artist! Bravo!


Unknown said...

Very colourful and interesting painting,


Beverly Kaye said...

Hi - love your taste in, and collection of, art both on your website and this blog. I was looking for my blog rank on Google when I came across your blog. I'm a non-professional artist/photographer. My photographic blog is
Will visit again.
From Beverly Kaye
in New Zealand

Jessica said...

What a gorgeous painting! Thanks for visiting my site and commenting. I'm so glad to have been led to your blog.